Charming confectionery in classic style

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We have been working for years with the Szamos family who are well-known for their delicious specialities. Szamos Marzipan can be found all over Hungary in cake and candy shops. The firm makes elaborate toy figurines, fruits and other edible decorations using the famed almond paste. The family also operates some of the best confectioneries of Budapest.

Delicious cake at Szamos Marcipán

Today, I would like to write about the Royal which is situated in the Great Boulevard of Pest, in Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal. Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal is the winner of the Travelers Choice Award in 2009. as the Best Luxury Hotel and the Best Hotel in the 25 top cities. The 110 year old building is a remarkable palace of the Grand Boulevard, hosting the largest luxury hotel of the city.

Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal


The Szamos Royal Café confectionery is an elegant meeting point at a busy part of the city, offering a quiet and luxurious environment for both private and business meetings. This is also a perfect place for awaiting visitors of concerts, theatre and opera performances nearby.

Handcrafted chandelier

Royal Café Budapest, Hungary

We are proud that our classic period-authentic handmade chandeliers and wall brackets illuminate this charming place.

Brass chandelier with handblown cut glass shades

Brass chandelier at Royal Café

The Royal Café in Budapest

Lighting of the Royal Café

Classic wall light by Deco Shades

Szamos Marzipan official website
Corinthia Hotel Budapest

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